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VeryPDF PDF Driver is an easy to use PDF tool for creating PDF files from Windows applications
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13 August 2009

Editor's review

VeryPDF PDF driver is virtual printer to create PDF documents. When a user prints their document to PDF Printer, rather than sending the file to a printer, the software creates a PDF Document without use of Adobe Acrobat application.

Features: VeryPDF PDF Driver is the smart PDF creation software. It installs a printer driver and this appears in your printer list. Any printable documents created by Windows applications can be easily converted to a PDF document. Whether the document is a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, a PowerPoint presentation or a simple TXT document, they are converted equally easily. The conversion process is as simple as clicking on a conversion button.

This utility provides you various tabs to configure your PDF document output. Tabs are links, page setup, finish, compression, email, doc Info, Save As, font embedding, security. Page setup allows you set page margins and page orientation. Merging with existing document is possible. Multi byte characters such as characters of Asian languages are supported. The application supports font embedding and sub-setting. You can compress the images used in the document. Security options include password protection. You can set distribution restriction on your converted PDF document by adding printing restrictions, copying and further modifications to the document for unintended use. Batch printing/conversion is supported.

Overall: Utility helps you to get the documents converted into PDF format maintaining the desired quality of the document.

Publisher's description

VeryPDF PDF Driver is the quick and easy PDF creation software that converts any type of printable Windows document, including DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT and even HTML to universally accepted PDF with the click of a button. VeryPDF PDF Driver installs as a printer driver, making the creation of PDF documents as easy as printing. This gives users a simple way to share any type of Windows document through the standard, universal PDF format. VeryPDF PDF Driver answers the need of corporations and individuals for an easy to implement low-cost and rapid PDF creation solution.

VeryPDF PDF Driver features:
1. VeryPDF PDF Driver Installs as a printer driver,
2. VeryPDF PDF Driver appears in the printers folder as "PDFcamp Printer", so you can print from your application as you would print to a standard printer,
3. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports any type of printable windows document including DOC, PPT, HTML and TXT etc,
4. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports font embedding and subsetting,
5. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports Asian language characters,
6. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports Optimised to increase speed,
7. VeryPDF PDF Driver is easy to use,
8. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports page margin, page orientation,
9. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports email pdf file at background,
10. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports batch printing,
11. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports password protection for PDF files with 40 or 128 bit encryption,
12. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports set file permissions to restrict printing, copying, and future modifications to the document,
13. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports hyperlinks,
14. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports merge to an existing PDF file (insert before the first page or append to the last page);
15. VeryPDF PDF Driver supports ZIP/JPEG compression for the image stream;
No need to learn a complex program. Just select the "PDFcamp Printer" and click OK.
VeryPDF PDF Driver
VeryPDF PDF Driver
Version 2.30
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